A more personal learning experience

Treating each student as an individual is central to the College’s ethos. Staff members are friendly, responsive and committed to building relationships with students, helping them to achieve their academic, personal and professional potential.

The College offers unparalleled access to academic staff selected for their expertise and passion for teaching with one of the best student-to-staff ratios in UK higher education.

You’ll enjoy a varied but integrated range of teaching and learning styles with more than 12 quality contact hours each week, dedicated to your individual development. Having smaller groups in lectures, classes, seminars and tutorials ensures that all viewpoints are accommodated and discussed: there is no chance of one voice getting lost among many at the College. The teaching format of each contact hour is selected to ensure the most positive learning outcomes for that particular subject. These include:


You will participate in traditional style lectures for your degree, your contextual course and your core modules. Lectures at the College are more intimate than at most universities due to our smaller number of students.

One-to-one tutorials

You will have regular one-to-one tutorials. In a one-to-one tutorial the tutor engages critically with you, entering into your individual point of view and working with you to clarify, challenge, defend, and develop your arguments and ideas. You will prepare an essay for every one-to-one tutorial related to one of the degree modules you are studying during that term. Your essay will be the basis of your discussion with your tutor. This form of intellectual engagement is considered to be the gold standard for identifying and drawing out a student’s potential.


The Law LLB is suited to a mixture of contact hours in a small group environment. So if you choose to study Law for your undergraduate degree, you will also have regular small group classes. Law classes are interactive lectures that take place in smaller groups of students. These are led by a lecturer and provide the opportunity for you to ask questions.

Small group tutorials

Two to four students and your tutor will participate in your small group tutorials. You will always be required to read in preparation for each of your small group tutorials and you will also present an argument for a certain number of them. These will be an opportunity for you to discuss and debate with your tutor and your fellow students and to give and receive both praise and constructive criticism.


Seminars are the main teaching format for the Professional Programme. There are also regular seminars for the Law LLB and Economics BSc. Seminars take the form of small group discussions with a lecturer. You will prepare assignments for every seminar and will regularly submit a written presentation or make individual or group oral presentations in your seminars. The aim of your seminar is to give you an opportunity to develop your understanding, your ability and your writing skills. Seminars also enable lecturers to assess your progress and clarify difficult aspects.

Professorial lectures

Professorial lecture sessions typically last 90 minutes. Some form the Core Modules for the NCH Diploma (and are compulsory); some are subject-specific, but open to all; and some are of general interest to all.

From 2013 the College expects to offer approximately 100 professorial lectures in each academic year. Professorial lectures are generally scheduled so that no other lecture or tutorial clashes with them. To make the most of your time at College, you are encouraged to attend as many of these lectures as  possible.